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Energy Management in Melbourne

Energy management is used to track and optimise energy consumption in business premises to help reduce power consumption. Every business requires properly illuminated indoor and outdoor spaces, without having to deal with a hefty energy bill. We offer reliable energy management services to our commercial clients, to help in keeping a cap on power consumption.

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The Work Process we Follow in Energy Management Projects

We recognise that each property is different and needs unique solutions. Regardless of your property’s size, our team follows a systematic energy management process:

  • The experts will survey the area and carry out an electrical usage audit
  • They will forecast your savings on maintenance as well as standard usage over a certain period
  • The team will propose different solutions and products for approval
  • After you approve it, we will setup those product solutions

Our Energy Management Services

Based on our assessment and findings of your setting’s energy management needs, our company offers a range of energy saving replacements and upgrades in Melbourne such as:

  • Voltage optimisation
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Building automation systems
  • Data Centre containment
  • Automation implementation
  • Power factor correction
  • Light controls occupancy sensors
  • In-Rack cooling systems installation
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Variable speed drives installed for pumps and motors
  • Power analyser for monitoring usage
  • Other

When the right technology and modern energy-efficient products are used, it helps the environment. You also see considerable savings on your energy bills, improving your bottom line profits. Our company is committed to providing our customers with the best services at an affordable cost. We offer tailored solutions and advice on suitable products and practices.

Once our team implements different solutions, they will also suggest that you get these systems audited and maintained regularly. Scheduled checks help us track the energy management solutions’ effectiveness and make chances as required.

For information regarding our energy management services, feel free to call the Elect First Melbourne team at this number 1300 590 584

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With ElecFirst you can be so sure of on-time service that we even promise that if we're late, we'll pay you*. It's your assurance of punctual, convenient electricians that work around your schedule

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With electrical teams across Melbourne, we can dispatch the nearest available electrician direct to your door

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With ElecFirst you pay by the job, never the hour, meaning you know the full price BEFORE we start any work for your complete peace of mind

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With ElecFirst you can be so sure of on-time service that we even promise that if we're late, we'll pay you*. It's your assurance of punctual, convenient electricians that work around your schedule

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